Residential Services

At LA Tree Service Creative, we comprehend the significance of making a protected, wonderful and solid scene. That is the reason we are focused on assisting you with keeping one of your most important resources – your open-air safe house.

Commercial Services

Jose gives far-reaching arranging, grounds the executives, and tree care administrations on business properties across Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island and Long Island. From HOAs to mechanical offices, our devoted group keeps up protected and excellent scenes on an assortment of business property types.

Saturated with over a hundred years of involvement and supported by the ability of the LA Tree Service Creative, our business arranging group can give various administrations, including scene upkeep, snow expulsion, and tempest reaction, water system establishment, and the board, and that’s just the beginning.

Tree Removal

Unfortunate and harmed trees can frequently represent a critical danger to individuals and property, which is the reason a tree hazard evaluation is so urgent to guarantee the security of your representatives, guests, and visitors. We perform industry-standard tree hazard appraisal.

Stump Removal and Grinding

You eliminated an undesirable tree from your property, yet now you're left with its unattractive stump. How would it be a good idea for you to respond? Try not to attempt to uncover a tree stump yourself-go to J P Tree Service for help. We offer stump evacuation administration for property holders and entrepreneurs in and around the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and Long Island, NY territory.

Emergency Tree Service

In some cases chopping down a tree is important for wellbeing or tasteful reasons. At the point when you need to eliminate a tree from your private or business property, connect with LA Tree Service Creative. We utilize proficient hardware, including cranes, to securely eliminate undesirable trees.

Tree Trimming

With our expert tree managing administration, your yard or scene will give your home check claim once more. Our gifted specialists comprehend the pruning interaction and can eliminate appendages and branches that alone mess your tree and not help it.

Tree Elevation

Tree Elevation comprises the evacuation, or managing, of the lower appendages and spreading to give the tree a taller appearance. During the offering interaction, we normally utilize the expression "raise," trailed by tallness in feet to decide the rise of the tree. On the off chance that the expression "foliar" is utilized close to "raise," it implies that a branch begins the storage compartment beneath the assigned tallness, yet clears up over that stature thus it won't be eliminated, optional branches hanging underneath the assigned stature will be taken out.

Tree Pruning

Pruning helps your scene prosper by tending to compositional tree care concerns, for example, tree hazard, underlying uprightness, shape, and appearance.</p> <p>Tree care administrations performed by an ensured arborist upgrade the regular magnificence of your trees and bushes, assisting with safeguarding their solidarity, height, and occasional character.

Tree Planting

Our ISA Certified Arborists are here to help manage you through the whole interaction from choosing the best tree to the legitimate planting procedures.</p> <p>With our insight and mastery, we contemplate all elements to guarantee your tree flourishes in the environment and states of your environmental factors, upgrades check allure, and expands property estimation.

Tree Topping

Tree topping is the decrease of a tree's size utilizing heading cuts that abbreviate appendages or branches back to a stub. This misinformed practice is additionally called heading, tipping, cap racking, and hitting. The objective of tree topping is to diminish the tree's size to make it more secure. Arborists and tree care experts never offer or perform beating; rather they will help you in soundly pruning your tree.

Sow Grass

Unfortunate and harmed trees can frequently represent a critical danger to individuals and property, which is the reason a tree hazard evaluation is so urgent to guarantee the security of your representatives, guests, and visitors. We perform industry-standard tree hazard appraisal.

Gutter Cleaning

We realize exactly how simple it is for your plan for the day to rapidly turn crazy – and it's very simple for drains to assume a lower priority about the additional major problems around your home. Lamentably, if you don't exploit proficient drain fix or canal cleaning administrations, leaves, twigs and other silt can harm your costly canal framework.

Snow Plowing or Removal

We start snow evacuation with an underlying assessment. We will go to your home to distinguish any checks, grass highlights, and different snags that might be covered up under snowfall. We'll check these areas to guarantee the furrow will not annihilate your scene highlights.


Firewood gives you the space warming you need in the colder time of year without the eye-popping bills of warming oil or propane. We comprehend the kindling business sector and give the client a variety of items following different merchants valuing, yet in some cases better.


Regardless of whether your rooftop needs fix, upkeep administrations, or substitution, our material experts have the information and skill to finish the work in an opportune way and agreeable to you.


LA Tree Service Creative has practical experience in giving client-centered field administrations through our neighborhood block salespeople. Our group gives block gauges, departures, test conveyance and arrangement, and block coordinating with administration all through Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and Long Island, NY.


With regards to concrete work, there are a lot of choices. Regardless of whether you need new cement poured or old cement fixed, it is ideal to contact LA Tree Service Creative


The initial step is finding a fence that is best for your necessities, yard, and style of your home. If you like a conventional look, choose a wood fence establishment. Steel fence establishment is an incredible, spending plan agreeable decision, or in case you're searching for a low-upkeep choice, consider LA Tree Service Creative